Art exhibition AuRORA

AuRORA art exhibition is a joint exhibition of five artists. Joint exhibition is on display from December 9, 2022 to Autumn 2023 in the SOMPIO building in Tankavaara, according to its opening hours.

AuRORA art exhibition

Aurora art exhibition is a magical composition of arts! Visual artists Eeva Kouvalainen, Timo Huttu, Johanna Kangasharju and Ann-Mari Kamppuri will present original art paintings. Voice artist Anna Saksman presents a unique sound world for the art exhibition. All artists are from a small town of Pyhäjärvi . In addition to common background and passion for art all artists have great love for Nature. The creators have an atmospheric and strong imprint in their work. Unique art works are recognizable and unique in their expression.

Tankavaara is located in Lapland (see map). Tankavaara is famous for its gold mining culture and its incredibly beautiful nature. The premises of SOMPIO house has a wide range of possibilities to experience Lapland magic!

SOMPIO-house is one of a kind conference and exhibition centre build of materials from the north. The centre is located right next to the European road E75 and the Urho Kekkonen National park in Tankavaara Gold Village.

SOMPIO-house has an on going wilderness exhibition too, next to the art exhibition ”AuRORA”. Wilderness exhibition combines the nature of Lapland and animals. See the largest predators of Finland close up, surrounded by magical art and Nature!

Services and restaurant of Tankavaara Gold Village are near by. Several nature trails in various lengths to the UK-national park start from the yard of exhibition house Sompio. There is also a small cafe in the exhibition house.