Visual artist introduction Timo Huttu

visual artist Timo Huttu


I was born in Kiiminki, although my family roots are from Savo and South Pohjanmaa. Already in my school days, I became interested in nature, birds and animals, as well as hunting and
fishing. The stylistic direction of my art, i.e. realism, is largely based on these values.

Technical drawings and working with different paints led me to my current technique . At first I painted with acrylic, which was too fast to dry for accurate painting. I tried to paint with watercolour also like I did with acrylic, but it got blocked. There fore I ended up to work with traditional oil paint on canvas

After school, I spent years working as a metal worker in the Nordic countries.
I settled in Pyhäjärvi in ​​1975. I have been working as a machine shop entrepreneur since 1985
until the year 2000.

After I quit the company, I started studying art at civik college. At first I painted small ones and joined joint exhibitions. And somehow I got an invitation to the 30th anniversary of the Gold Museum for the jubilee exhibition in 2010. The exhibition was a small sample of the gold digger legends of that era and about the so-called ”tourist diggers”. I received an invitation to UKK’s 30th anniversary exhibition at Kansallispuisto in 2013.

The theme was to present the gems of the park’s landscapes, livelihoods, people and animals. These two
many works have been brought to the invitational exhibition, both in the form of portrait and landscape paintings. Tankavaara has become an exhibition worth its weight in gold, a place that has not been touched by the world´s changes. Exhibitions are sometimes a little quieter but they always develope forward.

Art painting is a wonderful world because whoever goes on these paths gets addicted to it for a lifetime. Over time, experience grows and you dare to take on challenging jobs. However, renewal must always be kept in mind, which for me means getting more expression on my technique

Networking with other artists also opens up interesting ideas. We artists speak the same language and above all joint exhibitions give viewers an interesting show.

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