Visual artist introduction Johanna Kangasharju

visual artist Johanna Kangasharju

Visual Artist Johanna Kangasharju

I was born in Pyhäjärvi and I still live here with my family. My passion for painting has come as
a blood inheritance from my late father, who liked to paint both landscapes and caricatures.

I am a self-taught artist who has more or less been involved in art all my life. As the children grew older, I started painting more art. I found how liberating and relaxing painting was. It became a really important hobby for me and an ”escape” from the hectic everyday life. I was surprised by how many things I could intuitively paint on one board. Those boards became my personal power tables.

With my art, I want to evoke thoughts and also give the viewer the opportunity to create his own perception and feelings. When I paint, I am open and I let the brush take the lead. I let the image be born free of
conscious interpretation. I’m inspired by women’s figures, colors, dreams and of course nature. I paint my work on canvas with joy and I love using different techniques.

I prefer to paint on canvas with acrylics using strong colors. I don’t have one clear style, I like to experiment and mix everything.

I have collaborated with singer and songwriter Jari Uutela by designing the covers of his five singles. My work ”Can I get permission” was selected for the 11th annual exhibition of the American gallery Light Space & Time Art.

My dream is to advance in my career. I aim to bring my art more visible and work with other artists. I want to develop both as a person and as an artist. My goal is to be an encouraging role model for others to follow their dreams. I dream of designing art for the housing market and various interior design TV shows.

Contact information:

johannakangasharju_79@hotmail.com040 1742304
IG: @johannakangasharju_art
Member of Finnish Artist Assosiation 

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