Visual artist introduction Eeva Kouvalainen

Finnish artist Eeva Kouvalainen os. Korhonen

Visual Artist Eeva Kouvalainen mn. Korhonen

Painting ART is my Purpose. I was raised in an art home ”Hunninko” in a small town named Pyhäjärvi, Finland. My family is full of artists: two of my sisters, Anna Korhonen and Paula Korhonen are artists, like our late father, Artist Matti Korhonen. My home is in Jyväskylä with my family ever since 2007, when I moved to study. My Bachelor´s degree on Fashion Design and studies of Graphic Designer have also impacted and strengthen my Voice.

My mission is to help people realize their inner magic via Art -made by me or themselves. I concider my self as a transporter, who filters cultural achifacts from the other side of collective memory into this world for those to whom they belong to.

I paint with an acrylic-technique I like to call ”ink stain test”-method. This intuitive process produces art, that often describes Finnish and Northern soulscape and mythology. Every painting has a meaningful story to it. I sign my paintings with my maiden name “Korhonen” , because I feel it honors my blood inheritance.

Art fulfills it´s Meaning when it resonates with the Viewer`s soul and gives the inner abstract a feeling, form and name. Magical translation and evidence of Inner Wonder. Witnessing that for me is the most epic feeling!

I have worked as a freelance artist since 2013. Though my journey is in progress I have had many achievements. In addition to several exhibitions and numerous commissions I have had big art opportunities like:

For the future I have goals to grow my skillset and network as an Artist. I aim to add artistic collaborations and create more public art. I dream of exhibiting abroad on international arenas. Collaboration with Finnish brands like Marimekko and Finlayson are on my agenda too: it would be a true honour to be part of Finnish everyday life´s design!

Contact information:
044 2928002
Intagram in English: and Facebook in Finnish:
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